10 Reasons Why You Should Leave Thailand in Your 20’s

  1. The security “line” at the Bangkok airport. After a 26 hour flight, it took 2 hours of being herd like cattle to get out of the mass of people. Thirsty? Hungry? Need to use the washroom? Too bad.
  2. Parts are so dirty! We flew into Bangkok and the pollution in the air was thick! We rode in a tuk-tuk and when we got back to the hotel and showered, streams of black came off our bodies. Don’t get me started on the smell!
  3. Don’t go to Koh-Phi-Phi if you like sleep. I went with my boyfriend, we both like to party but we both also require sleep, especially after a 26 hour flight and 11 hour time change. We chose a hotel that was as far away from the party beach as possible. The noise carried over the water and it sounded like the club was inside of our room until 4-5 am every.single.night. Our room shook and not in a good way! The ideal answer would be to just join the party, but when you haven’t slept more than a few hours in a few days that isn’t high on the wish list. FYI if you stay at the Cobble Beach Resort be prepared to either party or not sleep. The view and pool were awesome so ideal for anyone who wants to pull a few day no-sleep bender!                                                                                            *If you do go to Koh Phi Phi check out Cosmic, it had the best food and the                      massages on this island were unreal!
  4. Traveling between places took so much longer than expected! We packed a lot into our trip because the domestic flights were so short! Our 1 hour flight, turned into 3 hours in traffic to get to the airport, an hour delay for the ferry, the ferry that was supposed to take 45 minutes (according to their website and signs at the ferry station) took over 2.5 hours then once we reached the island we had to walk with our bags to the hotel, which was not exactly close. All would’ve been ok if we were mentally prepared for this, but our 1 hour flight and 45 minute ferry ride ended up being a 12 hour travel day! This became the norm every time we changed locations. Beware when planning your trip. The traffic in Bangkok is gridlock 24/7.
  5. When you take ferry’s they pile your luggage on top of each other. Imagine hundreds of people on a ferry, hundreds on bags in a massive pile-up and trying to a) find yours b) tackle people to get your bag and c) release your bag from the pile. Happy Hunting!
  6. Drunk people everywhere! Maybe I went too late in life (I was only 29) or was past my prime party days but the belligerence level on the islands is insane! People passed out on the street, people peeing everywhere, puking everywhere, hooking up in the streets, smashing into you, spilling drinks on you, screaming and we saw someone who had dived in the pool drunk earlier and smashed his head open, but was back drinking later that night.
  7. It was expensive! Maybe it’s because we went over Christmas and New Year’s or maybe we just didn’t know where to go. All we had heard was how cheap Thailand was so even though our flights and hotels during the holidays were very expensive, we thought, “its fine everything there will be cheap.” Our meals for 2 on average were $40-$50/meal, drinks usually $5-$8/drink, I bought a razor from a store for $11. Felt like I was at home in Toronto, not in “cheap” Thailand.
  8. The washrooms. The floors were always soaking, there was never toilet paper or soap and 9/10 were holes in the ground with a hose beside them to wash off but nothing to try yourself with. Pack tissues, hand wipes and sanitizer! Ladies, you’re going to be professional low squatters after this trip!
  9. Maybe I was extra cynical because the partying never allowed us to catch up on any sleep. The few nights we did party were awesome, so if you’re going just for that you’ll love it and the massages can’t be beat, they were the only “cheap” thing in Thailand that we experienced.
  10. Koh Samui was about the only redeeming part of this trip, it was a slice of heaven. We stayed at Beach Republic and it was amazing! The town was so much fun, the restaurants and shopping were great and at long last, we slept. The beach party at Ark Bar is a must-go

Overall, I probably should’ve gone in my late teens/early 20’s, single and ready to mingle and brought lots of red bull with me! Sorry Thailand but, see you never!

Enjoy Ladies!


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