Israel – Where To Stay?

The Margosa Hotel in Jaffa was the perfect boutique hotel and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Located a 10 minute walk from the Jaffa Port, the world’s oldest seaport and a 10 minute drive into the heart of Israel, Tel Aviv. Margosa is a boutique hotel that really takes care of their visitors. Stays include a delicious buffet breakfast with a yogurt, fruit and muesli bar, eggs, breads, pastries and lots of other Israeli fare. In addition, the Margosa has the best coffee/cappuccino I’ve ever had, available 24 hours a day, along with freshly squeezed orange juice, lemonade and water with fresh mint free of charge. They’ve also got snacks available 24 hours including fruit, pastries, chips and other treats.

One night we went downstairs for some chips and there were no more (though there were plenty of other snacks), the concierge heard us say we were disappointed that there were no chips and he went out to the store and brought us back a large variety, free of charge. I can’t think of any other hotel like that! They had great recommendations about where to eat, where to go and were always there to give us directions and help us make bookings for excursions, taxis and restaurants. The special touch added by such attentive staff, the quaint rooms with Jaffa orange trees on the balcony and the lovely atmosphere make the Margosa a must stay! It’s got free parking as well if you rent a car.

Fun fact: Did you know Jaffa Cake cookies are named after Jaffa Israel due to their abundance of orange trees? I’ve eaten them since I was a child and had no clue!


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