Israel – Where to Eat?

Almost all of the Port restaurants in Jaffa and Tel Aviv serve 20 different kinds of salads, dips such as hummus and tahini, falafel and fresh cooked pita bread before your meal even arrives. You also have the choice to skip the main and fill up on these delicious starters that they re-fill free of charge in most places. This is a true Israeli dining experience and the flavors will overwhelm your taste buds like nothing else! We ate at Fisherman’s Restaurant in the Jaffa Port and would highly recommend it, skip the mains (they weren’t very good). The starters were more than any of us could eat and were mouth-watering, especially the falafel! You’ll also have a front row seat to lots of wedding photo shoots occurring along the port as you eat and drink the most delicious fresh squeezed lemonade that comes with the starters.

Onza was a restaurant that our hotel recommended to us. It’s a Turkish restaurant and having been to Turkey, I wasn’t overly enthused to try it. Was I ever wrong! This food was spectacular, but likely not your cup of tea if you’re very health-conscious. We shared Turkish bread, the shawarma, the Lahmi Bajn Taboon, a pizza mixed with a lamb taco type of dish, and the lamb “Arais,” a panini lamb sandwich. The shawarma was the best I’ve ever tasted! Everything was delicious! The server brought us over free shooters and free dessert and the service was exceptional start to finish! A must-go while in Jaffa!

In the same area as Onza there are a ton of great restaurants and bars. One alley will give you a busy upbeat atmosphere while another will give you quaint quieter restaurants, perfect for a date. We had a great Italian meal around here.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, there is a gelato shop right by the Margosa Hotel, literally across the street that made incredible Nutella crepes topped with the Gelato of your choice (the snickers gelato is a must!). There are lots of great gelato shops around the area.

Finally, if you want some of the most delicious falafel but are looking for more of a grab-and-go in the Jaffa area, Haj Kahil Express by the clock tower in Jaffa is bar none! Stick to the falafel here and enjoy every delicious mouthful, the fries were delicious and extra crispy as well if you’re in the mood! The only English word on the restaurant sign is “Express” but you won’t miss it! They’ve got a full service restaurant right across the street as well if you’d prefer a sit down experience at Haj Kahil.

Onza, Turkish Restaurant, Jaffa
Fisherman’s Restaurant, Jaffa Port

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