Israel – The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is not far from Kfar Hanokdim so it makes sense to continue your journey through Arad to the Dead Sea. If you’ve planned your trip like me you would have traveled from the Golan Heights which is home to the highest point in Israel, Mount Hermon at 2,224 meters above sea level down to the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on Earth, what a journey in a single country!

Get a day pass or stay overnight at the Crowne Plaza hotel and book a spa treatment, the massages are amazing! Venture out to the Dead Sea where your body will float as you lie back, watch not to get any in your eyes! If you walk down the beach you’ll find areas with Dead Sea mud that you can cover yourself in. Within the hotel, there is a pool that pumps water from the Dead Sea into it daily. Due to its concentration you become even more buoyant then in the Dead Sea. It’s so much fun to splash around and try and keep your legs from flying over your head! The Dead Sea is relaxing and spectacular! I highly recommend spending a night here and enjoying 2 days at this world wonder! The buffet at the Crowne Plaza is amazing as well.


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