Israel – Bedouins & Camels at Kfar Hanokdim

View from the car window
View from the car window

There are quite a few Bedouin camps in Israel but ask anyone and they’ll agree, Kfar Hanokdim in Arad is the best!

If you’re going to ride a camel anywhere in the world, let it be across the Israeli desert. The drive to Arad looks like a movie scene at every turn. There are wild camels roaming the sand dunes, shepherds chasing sheep over them and views that will literally take your breath away.


You’ll start the day with Bedouin hospitality where a traditional Bedouin (with a translator) invites you into his tent and tells you about their culture. He makes fresh coffee and only fills your cup up 1/3. We learned that they will keep giving you a third of a cup until you shake your cup in the air, indicating you’ve had enough. He roasts and grinds the coffee beans to a musical rhythm by hand in front of you and makes a fresh, hot pot. kfar-hanokdim-israel-arad-8The coffee is sweet, unlike coffee I’m used to and the aroma mixed with the sound of the Bedouin strumming away on an instrument he made out of a chair takes you away to a magical land. If a Bedouin ever gives you a full cup of coffee, it means you are not welcome and you must leave. What a culture, you won’t catch me giving those not welcome in my home a full cup of coffee before they go!

From here, you go out to the camels, where only female camels are the ones you can ride. They spit at you if you get to close and make hilarious faces that you can’t capture on your camera fast enough! You take a 30 minute stroll through the desert and if you’re lucky enough to catch sunset, you’ll see the camel’s reflections against the sand dunes.

After the camel trek, they welcome you inside where there is a feast awaiting you. There were only 4 of us and there was easily enough food for 10. Salads, dips, breads, meats, vegetables, the food never stopped coming! After lunch, trays of sweets and coffee were brought out to top us off! It was a delicious meal and we felt welcomed and spoiled throughout our entire experience. The Bedouin’s are a truly hospitable people.

Cost: Approx $100 CAD/person includes, Bedouin hospitality, lunch and camel trek

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